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Quality, GOPEX Distribution S.A top priority

The knowledge of the GOPEX Distribution S.A  Technical Department, the efficiency of its growers, and the tight links with public Agencies -  GNIS, SOC, Bretagne Plants and the INRA - are the keys to top quality potato seeds.

The certification standards

• The varieties' characteristics :

The control of the varieties' characteristics, as the respect of purity standards, is mandatory for any variety registered on the French or the European catalogue.

Controls occur throughout the all process. Indeed, the In vitro breedings and all the following generation breedings processes need to respect strict rules of insulation and identification of the batches.

• The sanitary state :

The agricultural area where GOPEX Distribution S.A is located has a "natural" sanitary superiority. Despite this "natural" asset, strict rules of production have to be followed in order to comply with the life cycle of production and the seeds are a constant subject to controls throughout the multiplication scheme in order to prevent diseases.


Classes :

SE : Super Elite
E : Elite

The phytosanitary certificate :