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Genetic Origin: Roseval X INRA 71
Breeder(s): Fédération des Syndicats Bretons - France
Catalogue registration: 1993
Category: Ware potato
Maturity: Medium-early

Descriptive characters

Tuber: Long oval, regular, very shallow eyes, red skin, pale yellow flesh

Growing and use-related characters

Yield: 92% of Bintje
Proportion of large tubers: high
Susceptibility to diseases: 

• Leaf blight: fairly susceptible

• Tuber blight: NTR.
• Common scab: fairly susceptible

• Virus X: NTR.
• Virus A: NTR.

• Virus Y: fairly susceptible

• Leaf roll: fairly susceptible
• Nematode RO1-4: NTR.

Internal tuber defects: 

• fairly susceptible to rust spots
• slightly susceptible to hollow heart and black spots

Susceptibility to desprouting:
moderately susceptible.

Dormancy period:
fairly short

Culinary quality:
table-use group B
Dry matter content:
Keeping quality:

General characters

Medium-early variety, giving large tubers with a bright red skin and of regular shape.