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A potato story

Based in Brittany, in the western point of France, where the oceanic climate is perfect for cultures, GOPEX Distribution S.A. selects, produces and distributes potato seeds..

Since 1990, GOPEX Distribution S.A has been turning its growth strategy towrards the development of its exclusive varieties such as Safrane, Alaska, and Rubis… 95% of GOPEX Distribution S.A. production goes to the Export markets :
Europe, Middle East orient, Maghreb and Africa.

Second French exporter, GOPEX Distribution S.A. set a 2 digits figure growth every year. The success of the company is the result of the quality and earlyness of its exclusive varieties. these avrieties are shipped to about 35 countries thanks to its team work and rectivity as well as a dynamic network of growers.

Our early and semi-early varieties are extremelly well-adapted to the needs of Middle-East, Maghreb or Africa. Indeed, these export varieties grow very well in high temperature areas and they don't need much water because of their short cycle of maturity.