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HOLLANDE : Safrane
ITALIE : Safrane, Alaska, Kennebec
FRANCE : Spunta, Safrane, Bea, Margod, Ostara, Naturella, Sirtema, Roseval, Rubis, O’Sirène, Alaska, Bintje, Désirée, Hermès, Universa, Nicola, Kennebec, Charlotte, Echantillons
Ile de la REUNION : Safrane, Alaska, Rubis
GRÊCE : Safrane, Alaska, Spunta, Universa, Kennebec
ESPAGNE : Universa, Spunta, Safrane, Rubis, Alaska, Claustar, Red Pontiac, Kennebec, Urgenta, Hermine
TURQUIE : Alaska, Safrane
BULGARIE : Safrane
TUNISIE : Spunta, Safrane, Alaska, Nicola, Universa, Océania
ALGERIE : Safrane, Alaska, Hermine, Rubis, Désirée, Spunta
MAROC : Désirée, Rubis, Safrane
BURKINA FASO : Safrane, Universa, Spunta, Alaska
MALI : Safrane, Spunta, Alaska, Universa
SENEGAL : Alaska, Safrane, Universa
NIGER : Désirée, Rubis, Spunta
EGYPTE : Alaska, Spunta, Hermès, Cara, Nicola, Safrane, Draga, Universa
SOUDAN : Alaska, Océania, Safrane
PALESTINE : Alaska, Spunta, Safrane
ARABIE SAOUDITE : Spunta, Safrane, Alaska
KOWEIT : Safrane, Alaska, Universa
IRAQ : Universa, Désirée, Alaska, Safrane, Rubis, Océania
JORDANIE : Safrane, Alaska, Spunta, Universa

GOPEX Distribution S.A., an international coverage

A distribution network that covers 35 countries

Gopex Distribution S.A. can rely on its young and dynamic grower network as well as its reactive office team to meet its clients' expectations.

Specific varieties for each region of production

Our early and medium-early varieties are particularly well adapted to the Mediterranean areas, the Middle East, Northern Africa or Sub-Saharan Africa.

Indeed, the heat suits wery well these export varieties, furthermore their short growing cycle is an asset as it implies shorter irrigation periods, and this means economy of water (water is a restricted ressource in these dry areas).

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