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History of the potato

The first growers of potatoes were Peruvian 1000 years before J.C.

Potatoes reached Europe in the 16th century, France in 1540. For 2 centuries, potatoes  were only given to feed the cattles, it's only in 1586 that the British begin to cook them for humans.

Brittany was the first area in France to grow potato seeds, then in 1766 it spread throughout France.

Antoine Parmentier (French pharmacist, agronomist, nutritionist et hygienist), helped promote the cooking of potatoes to feed people in France, and finally all layers of the French Society eat potatoes.

At the end of the 18th century, potato seeds were grown on a surface of 45 km² in France, and a century later the surface had increased to 14 500 km² which is huge.

The United Nations Organization declared 2008 as the official potato year in order to strenghten an awareness that potatoes and agriculture in general hold a worldwide key role.