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Genetic Origin: Lamia X Europa
Breeder(s): Bretagne-Plants and Syndicat de Pontivy
Catalogue registration: 1999 (France)
Category: Consumption
Maturity : Early
Code Gnis : 2358



Descriptive characters

Tuber: long oval elongated, not very deep eyes, yellow skin, pale yellow flesh.
Flowering: Moderately abundant to abundant.

Flower: Purplished red, bouton floral moyennement à fortement pigmenté.

Fruit : Absent or rare.

Growing and use-related characters :

Yield: 103 % of Claustar.

Grading: Proportion of large tubers: very strong

Susceptibility to diseases :
• Leaf blight: moderately susceptible
• Tuber blight: moderately susceptible
• Common scab: moderately susceptible

• Virus X: resistant

• Virus A: susceptible

• Virus Y: moderately susceptible

• Leaf roll: moderately susceptible
• Nematode RO 1-4 : susceptible

Internal tuber defects:
• Moderately susceptible to Rust spots,
• Slightly susceptible to Hollow heart,
• Fairly susceptible to Ashy spots.

Susceptibility to desprouting: moderately susceptible
Susceptibility to bruising: susceptible
Dormancy period: fairly long
Culinary quality: Table-use group B - Blackening after cooking : none
Dry matter content: Low
Keeping quality: Medium