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Genetic Origin: AGRIA x 87F357. 5
Breeder(s): SICA Bretagne-Plants and Cecab
Assignee: Gopex Distribution S.A.
Catalogue registration: 2009
Category: Consumption
Maturity: Medium

Descriptive characters

Tuber : Long oval, shallow eyes, yellow skin, yellow flesh.

Flower :

Growing and use-related characters

Yield : 105 % of CTPS tests (Centre Technique Permanent de la Sélection)

Grading : Proportion of large tubers: high
Susceptibility to diseases:
• Leaf blight: fairly susceptible

• Tuber blight: slightly susceptible.
• Common scab: fairly susceptible

• Virus Y: slightly susceptible
• Nematode RO1-4: resistant.
Internal tuber defects:
• slightly susceptible to rust spots and hollow heart
• very slightly susceptible to lack spots.
Dormancy period: medium

Culinary quality: table-use group B
Dry matter content: 21 to 24%
Keeping quality: good

General characters

It is a medium-early variety, producing big tubers long oval to short, regular, with yellow skin and flesh. Its level of dry matter and its weak sensibility to sugar give her a very good capacity to the transformation in crisps or chips. Blondine is a rustic variety and of good preservation.