Genetic origin : 96F352.14 x SYNERGY
Breeder(s): Bretagne Plants France
Assignee: Gopex Distribution S.A and Denniel Sarl.
Category: Export
Maturity: Medium-early

Descriptive characters

Tuber: Oval to long oval, regular, little colored purplish red germ, pale yellow skin and white flesh.

Growing and use-related characters


114% of Spunta

Caliber: high proportion of large tubers

Susceptibility to diseases:
• Leaf blight: sensitive
• Common scab: very few sensitive
• Virus Y: very few sensitive
• Nematode RO1-RO5: sensitive
• Black wart: resistant

• Leaf roll virus : enough sensitive
• Late blight on tuber : enough sensitive lack

Internal tuber defects:
Rust spot : very few sensitive
Hollow heart : very few sensitive
Cracks : few sensitive

General characters

Medium early variety, with big tubers oval to long oval, with pale yellow skin and white flesh.
This variety of good vigor is very productive, rustic and adapted to the Mediterranean countries.